Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts)

Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts)


This qualification is a specially designed programme to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to meet industry standards. Under this programme the learner will be guided by a chef – instructor, who will demonstrate practically, supervise learning outcomes, and provide inputs that go beyond information provided by textbooks. Led by qualified and experienced faculty, interactive classroom sessions provide learners with essential knowledge, while the practice sessions prepare learners for real work-life situations and enable them to test, practice and anchor key skills. An exposure to a variety of recipes and techniques and the opportunity to build skill under expert guidance will go far in building confidence and enhancing employability.

This MCG programme aims to address the vocational skill development needs of apprentice chefs, nurturing in them the capabilities of setting standards of excellence in an internationally competitive arena.

Qualification Outcome

Successful candidates will have the knowledge and skills required to be Apprentice Chefs, and can find employment in Nepal or abroad.

Career and academic progression

Entry level Commis 3 & 2 – Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts

Commis 1 – Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts + 2 to 3 years as an apprentice chef.

Chef de’ Partie – Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts + 2 – 3 years’ experience in Food Production.

Assessment type

The assessment consists of a skill completion check list and a skill assessment covering all practical skills, a short answer test at the end of each unit and a synoptic test.

The synoptic test is externally set and marked.

Typical profile of the learner

Age range: 18–25
Academic requirements: Valid 10th Std. certificate or 3 years’ work experience in food production at any hospitality and catering establishment.