Basic Courses

Basic Courses

We offer basic courses in order to lay strong foundation to enthusiastic students regarding different hospitality areas like cooking, bakery, waiter, house-keeping, front office etc.

We believe first step is crucial to major success later. Therefore we try to keep our students up-to-date with prevailing scenario of hospitality industry. The time duration for basic courses mainly comprises of three months but some have duration as low as for 15 days.

We offer basic course in commercial cooking, Indian special, Bakery special, Waiter/Waitress, bartender, House-keeping, front office and many more.

Barista [1 month]

This course offers hands-on training based on real store experience gathering with a focus on Espresso based drink making. Most of the learning from this course is practical which helps to implement the knowledge in the future.

Commercial Cooking [3 months]

This is one of the best developing fields in the world. When the food production is done on a large scale with an intention to sell them to general public, it is termed as commercial cooking. Our course includes:


  • Introduction to hotels and types of hotels
  • Introduction to kitchen and their types
  • Basic cuttings and kitchen tools and equipment
  • Introduction of cooking and methods of cooking
  • Hygiene and types of hygiene
  • Food Foundation
  • Menu Planning and their types


  • Indian Cuisine
    • Indian breakfast
    • Indian soup and salad
    • Indian main course
    • Variations of curry
    • Variety of tandoori dishes
    • Indian sweet dish
  • Chinese Cuisine
    • Chinese soup and salad
    • Chinese mother sauce and their varieties
    • Chinese and domestic fast food dishes
  • Continental Cuisine
    • Continental breakfast
    • Continental soup and salads
    • Continental mother sauce and variations
    • Variety of Pasta, Pizza and others
  • Bakery
    • Varieties of breads
    • Varieties of cookies
    • Breakfast items
    • Cakes
    • Pastries

Indian Special [1 month]

Indian cuisines are popular all over the world for its diverse recipe. The famous spices used in Indian cuisines hold medicinal characteristics making the food healthier and tastier. Expertise at Indian specials becomes highlight in any hospitality graduates curriculum vitae. The course covers:


  • Introduction to hotels and types of hotels
  • Introduction to kitchen and their types
  • Basic cuttings and kitchen tools and equipment
  • Introduction of cooking and methods of cooking
  • Hygiene and types of hygiene
  • Food Foundation
  • Menu Planning and their types
  • Food poisoning


  • Special naan tandoori and curry
  • Variety of Indian breakfast
  • Variety of Indian roti
  • Variety of Indian rice
  • Variety of Indian gravy with curry
  • Variations of Indian soup and salad
  • Variations of kebab
  • Variations of sweet dishes
  • Many more Indian snacks

Bakery Specials [1 month]

Refine your baking skills with our bakery special course for one month wherein you’ll receive high quality training in all aspects of the baking process and learn everything about baking, raw materials and the latest baking technologies and equipment. You’ll learn:

  • Introduction to bakery
  • Introduction to bakery tools and equipment
  • Varieties of bread product
  • Varieties of pastry dough
  • Varieties of cookies
  • Varieties of doughnuts
  • Varieties of muffin items
  • Pudding
  • Cakes and pastry


Waiter/waitress [2 months]

The rise in new hotels, restaurant, café, bar, night clubs, pizzerias etc. have increased the waiter/ waitress employment. If you enjoy customer service job than come and join our two month course of waiter/ waitress. You’ll learn:

  • Introduction of hotel
  • Introduction of F&B service department
  • Food and beverage personals
  • Greeting guest and rules for servicing
  • Meal and meal plan
  • Breakfast and its types
  • Food and beverage service
  • Food and beverage service equipment
  • Classification of beverage
  • Food and beverage preparation
  • Standard operating procedures on F&B Service
  • Hygiene Sanitation and safety
  • Food and Beverage Terminology


  • Tray handling
  • Napkin folding
  • Handling Service equipment
  • Wiping service equipment
  • Laying a cover (Set Up)
  • Removing a cover
  • Welcoming and receiving the guest
  • Menu presentation
  • Order taking
  • Filling K.O.T and B.O.T
  • Servicing normal water/ soft drinks
  • Servicing tea/coffee (hot beverage)
  • Servicing Beer, Whisky & Wine
  • Crumbling
  • Changing Ashtray
  • Lighting guest cigarette
  • Presenting the bill
  • Sequence service
  • Making cocktails and mock tails
  • Opening wine bottles
  • Farewell


Bar tender [1 month]

Bartender mix and serve drinks. It is awesome to see bar tender do mixing and juggling and it is even more awesome if you be the one. Isn’t it??? Since bartenders are in high demands in the evenings, over the weekends or during special events, the role is often filled by people who are trying to earn extra money or need a second job. Our course will teach you bar set up and equipment, mixology, speed techniques, fruit cutting and garnishing, profit pouring, introducing different liquors, wines beers etc.


  • Introduction to hotel
  • F & B service organizational chart
  • Introduction to bar
  • How to be professional bartender
  • Knowledge about bar tools and equipment
  • B.O.T
  • Basic techniques and juggling
  • Decorating different cocktails and mock tails
  • Knowledge about measuring
  • Identification of liquor
  • Introduction to sprite
  • Introduction to beer and wine
  • Identification of glassware
  • Parts of cocktail
  • Types of cocktail
  • Bar setup and inventory
  • Stock maintain


  • Cocktails
    • Margarita
    • Tequila sunrise
    • Pina colada
    • Blue lady
    • Martini
    • Mojito
    • Hot Irish coffee and many more
  • Mocktails
    • Fruit Punch
    • Cinderella
    • Cold coffee
    • Virgin colada
    • Tropical ale and many more


Housekeeping [1 month]

Housekeeping department ensures for the cleanliness and hygiene in all hotel areas for making guest feel super comfortable during their stay. Therefore it is rightly considered as the backbone of hotel industry. Our specially designed room for housekeeping practical will allow the students to get exposure to real housekeeping task and employment. We at E.I.H.M teach you:


  • Introduction of hotel
  • Introduction of housekeeping department
  • Housekeeping personals
  • Hotel rooms and guest
  • Linen meaning & its types
  • Cleaning procedures and its purpose
  • Standard procedures
  • Areas surface to be clean
  • Housekeeping desk control
  • Room maid’s cart
  • Flower arrangement
  • Safety and security principles
  • Fire hazards
  • Housekeeping terminology


  • Set up Maid’s cart
  • Making bed
  • Cleaning bedroom
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Cleaning surface areas
  • Cleaning public areas
  • Evening turn down service
  • Areas surface to be clean
  • Carpet hovering/ cleaning
  • Cleaning an occupied room

Front Office [1 month]

Front office is the first representative of hotel, resort, restaurant or other hospitality business. This makes the front desk an important hub for activity. we train them in a way that they become successful front office employee in future career. Students at E.I.H.M get knowledge about:

  • Introduction to hotel
  • Origin of hotel
  • Introduction of front office department
  • Different sector of front office
  • Organizational chart of front office
  • Front office personals
  • Responsibilities of front office staff
  • Hotel rooms
  • Front office communication
  • Switchboard operators
  • Internal department
  • Front office information
  • Types of PMS
  • Common software options in a PMS
  • Reservation
  • Source of reservation
  • Types of reservation
  • Guest registration
  • Pre-registration procedures
  • Creating registration record
  • Mode of payment
  • Assigning an accommodation
  • Departure processes
  • Hotel safety and security
  • Front office SOP’s
  • Guest check-in process
  • Guest check-out process
  • Handling telephone
  • Voucher and types
  • Folios and types
  • Briefing
  • Front office terminology