Diploma In Culinary Arts

Diploma in Culinary Arts

It is no doubt that the world's biggest field of employment is hospitality industry. This is because of the variety of career path to pursue therein. Being recognized as the fascinating and vibrant job many hospitality aspirants are pursuing different courses in order to enhance and ripen their cookery skills. It is more than beneficial to acquire the diploma degree in culinary arts, being able to earn a job as well as strengthening your culinary quest. We at E.I.H.M offers a 6 month diploma course in culinary arts to fulfill your very search for hospitality passion. Take a sneak peak at our following course curriculum.

Food production department


  • Introduction to hotel and its types
  • Kitchen introduction and its types
  • Kitchen hierarchy
  • Menu introduction and its planning
  • Portion control and necessity
  • Cooking and its method
  • Food foundation
  • Salad types and its components
  • Classification of raw materials
  • Food commodities


    • Indian Cuisine
      • Indian breakfast
      • Indian soup and salad
      • Indian main course
      • Variations of curry
      • Variety of tandoori dishes
      • Indian sweet dish
    • Chinese Cuisine
      • Chinese soup and salad
      • Chinese mother sauce and their varieties
      • Chinese and domestic fast food dishes
    • Continental Cuisine
      • Continental breakfast
      • Continental soup and salads
      • Continental mother sauce and variations
      • Variety of Pasta, Pizza and others

Bakery and confectionery


  • Introduction to bakery
  • History of bakery
  • Introduction to tools and equipment
  • Formula and measurement
  • Bakery ingredients
  • Bread making
    • Mixing process
    • Making the bread
    • Dough strength
  • Pastries and their classification
  • Cookies , function of ingredients and mixing
  • Pie and tarts
  • Cakes, mixing method and batter temperature
  • Icing, their types and classification
  • Mixing techniques
  • Bakery hygiene


  • Varieties of bread
  • Varieties of pastry dough
  • Varieties of cookies
  • Varieties of doughnuts
  • Varieties of muffins
  • Baked cakes
  • Varieties of puddings
  • Cakes and pastry
  • Dessert
  • Chocolate moulding

During the Course of study, students are further upgraded due to dynamic course content, productive practical classes, guest lecture, industrial visit etc. Students at E.I.H.M has to invest 3-4 hrs. /day for class, also a free uniform is provided to the students for embracing the professionalism. Internship is available to students at different partner hotels after the course completion.