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Mahesh Shrestha

Managing Director

The role of managing director of E.I.H.M is controlled and supervised by Mahesh Shrestha. He has good leadership skill which he gained out of various professional experiences abroad. He is dedicated and passionate about his work. . His loyalty can be relied upon and will not disappoint others. As a proficient individual he is quick and good at organizing works in a way that gets the best result. He has worked for so many organisations namely komala vilas, Spageddies
Italian Kitchen, Tatroa Restaurant, Silver Kris Loungh, Ask Restaurant and Kantipur Hotel Training Centre.


Mukesh Kumar Gurung


He has various hospitality knowledge as well as series of experienced years in different organizations in India and Nepal. As a highly motivated individual, he has a various hospitality knowledge and expertise with many certification in his hands. He is very diligent person at applying himself to tasks. Over the years after having worked for many organization he has successfully acquired traits necessary for becoming a genuine professional. His experience includes varied of professional life at Subway International, inn venue hospitality management Pvt. Ltd, Sodexho pass services, Raffles Square Development Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Pokhara Grande and Makz Bakery.


Prabin Poudel


Our director Mr. Prabin Poudel’s achievements in hospitality have earned him noteworthy recognition. His experience in hospitality is more than a decade and has made him travel to nine different Asian countries for hospitality research. He has acquired master’s degree in Hospitality & Hotel management from Purbanchal University which has enabled him to acquire immense knowledge about hospitality industry. Beside focus on hospitality the cause of the wider community is central to his vision. That’s why he has attended various hospitality colleges as young motivational speaker influencing many
hospitality aspirants. He has served as Hotel management instructor for programs organized by C.T.E.V.T. for the stretch of two years. He also owns Mandala Bakery Pvt. Ltd in Kathmandu which is remarkably growing firm and has already installed two other branches inside the valley. Our E.I.H.M team is more than proud to have with such a dynamic, prominent, practical, rounded and experienced professional.


Pabin Kumar Shrestha



Bishal Pandey


He started in the hospitality industry in 2005 with a bachelor's degree from Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, Pokhara Nepal. After working in many hotels, which also includes 22 weeks industrial training in Hayat Regency,(Kathmandu), he served as a manager in Den Restaurant and Lychee Garden Resort in the year 2008 and 2011 respectively. His hard work, adaptive nature, and commitment can be a great deal of learning for hospitality students.


Prakash Aryal



Bhusan Ale


Mr. Bhusan Ale who began his culinary career by working as Special Indian cook for the stretch of 4 years in Tandoori house Restaurant, Al- Khober(Saudi Arabia). His diverse career path makes him a dynamic individual. His self-confidence, interpersonal skills, good communication skills, hard work etc. makes him exceptionally impressive. It's in the good fate of our students to get trained and taught by such a professional person.


Santosh Rijal


After completing his B.H.M from Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, he has successfully completed his 6 months industrial training in F&B Service Department at Hotel Landmark Pokhara. His pleasing personality along with enthusiasm, motivation, punctuality, persistence, and his hard work makes him a complete package as an F&B instructor.


Mahesh Lal Shrestha



Kusma Gurung

Kitchen Helper