Affiliation and Recognitions

EIHM has partnered with nationally and internationally reputed organisations to produce quality students for the hospitality industry. Our courses are affiliated and recognized by:

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) is a national autonomous apex body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources required to the nation. It mainly involves in policy formulation, quality control, preparation of competency based curriculum, developing skill standards of various occupations and testing the skills of the people, conduct various research studies and training needs assessment etc.

City & Guilds UK

Drawing upon the expertise of City & Guilds in developing qualifications that are reflective of global industry needs, its 134 years of leadership across 30 industry sectors and 600 qualifications that have certified over 18 lakh learners every year, MCG is poised to change the dynamics of the Nepali market.

Learners are provided with cutting-edge, industry-relevant certifications and job assistance. Multiple levels of qualifications are available at the entry, supervisory and managerial levels, opening up opportunities for lifelong learning and growth. While learners get a head start in their career, partner companies get easy access to trained, ‘work-ready’ staff. For the industry as a whole, this translates into a job-ready work force with ‘first day first hour’ productivity.

With over six decades of experience and a global presence, Manipal Education is one of India’s foremost education service providers. With a wide reach and a large spectrum of activities, the group is functional in a number of schools, as well as university campuses in India and abroad. Manipal Education also equips youngsters with industry-relevant skills training. With its world-class curriculum and some of the finest teaching methods, Manipal Education provides a wide variety of educational opportunities. Its strength in delivering distributed education gives a significant fillip to vision for vocational education in India.

City & Guilds was founded by London’s livery companies in 1878, in a bid to develop a national system of technical education. Since then, it has evolved to become the global leader in skills training and certification. Rooted in the needs of the industry, it offers 600+ qualifications across 30 sectors, ranging from agriculture to engineering, hair-dressing to motor vehicle maintenance, and IT to tourism. Working closely with industry partners, City & Guilds ensures that the curriculum is relevant and assessments in tune with competency demands. The 16 million+ certifications across 80 countries that City & Guilds delivers testify to the quality and commitment that it brings to this sphere of learning.

Chef Federation Of Nepal

The Chef Federation of Nepal is a regional and countrywide network of chefs associations first founded in Pokhara Valley on 29 th of December 2017. At present Chef Federation of Nepal has 11 board members. It is a web house of culinary professionals in Nepal as well as voluntary organization working towards the general interest of culinary base of the hospitality industry. CFN anticipation is to promote culinary knowledge and bring out the best of culinary creativity. The aim of the CFN is to unite the culinary professionals, culinary chefs, Cooks, culinary institute, culinary colleges and aspiring culinary enthusiast across Nepal. Promoting the culinary profession is our peak priority thereby also enhancing the neaplese cuisine and culinary art in the international platform.